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About us

Ezenze is a young but rapidly expanding company, focusing on three areas within business development. We aim for the top level within sponsoring. Among our clients we have some of Sweden’s largest partners of Swedish sport.

Another part of business development is connected to strategic planning, sales, marketing and graphic design. Within our third competence area Ezenze plans and executes conferences and events.

Everything from smaller corporate events till large international conferences are organised annually by our staff.
Ezenze has offices in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Sponsorship Management

Ezenze will help companies to plan, execute and evaluate their sponsorship engagement by taking a starting point in their vision, strategy and economy. We have created a concept that guarantees the financial engagement to pay off and that maximises the company’s return on its sponsorship portfolio.

We act as an extra resource to our client’s management team and develop, execute and co-ordinate their sponsorship deals. This gives us the opportunity to utilise sponsoring as a tool to achieve strategic goals regardless if they involve personnel, client development or marketing/branding activities.


Ezenze organises conferences and events for companies as well as government agencies in several different countries. The size of these events varies from small scale events to large international conferences. One of our most popular conferences is the Anglonordic Biotech Conference, which has been held in London annually since Ezenze founded it in 2004.


In addition to Ezenze’s work within sponsorship, we are also involved in the whole chain from strategic planning to marketing and sales. We will develop a concept for our clients where we co-ordinate different marketing tools in order to create an attractive product/identity. This can involve everything from developing a marketing plan to creating a website, graphical profiles and sales material.


Mattias Johansson

Farmarevägen 14
254 83 Helsingborg

Ezenze Ltd
Salatin House 19,
Cedar Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5DA
United Kingdom
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